Thursday, March 11, 2010


Stephen Lis fish from 1970
photo: Cher Pendarvis

This year's NY Fish Fry is on! Scheduled for the weekend of May 15th. This is the 4th year running and the tradition of the weekend after Mothers day has stuck!
The 15th or 16th will be chosen a couple days out to take advantage of optimum weather and surf.
Check back here regularly for updates. Already getting news about some west coast shapers making the trip out. There will be dozens of boards to ride as in years past. Here's some notables that will be there for sure:

Steve Pendarvis "Pendoflex"
Josh Hall keels and fish simmons
Christenson C-Hawk twinny
Griffin Mod Fish
Hydrodynamica test pilot series Mini simmons
Rainbow / Pavel speed dialer and creekfish
Wegener alaia

Please email for info and contributions!

looking forward to this years event!


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  1. Chris the blog looks great!! looking forward to the event! I can't find the fishfrye email address though?