Thursday, April 29, 2010

Fresh Fish are Coming

May 15th or 16th depending on weather and more importantly waves!!!

Susannah and the Wounded Gull

Susannah Ray sent the pictures above in of her and her Mark Richards Twinnie. The Wounded Gull was my favorite surfer as a kid.

Susannah writes, "I was checking out the fish frye ny blog and saw your call for pix.
Here is a pic from a few years back from when my MR supertwin (hand shaped by the wounded gull himself, he has astonishingly neat handwriting) was brand new. Note the feminist modification of the logo. This board is pretty chippy but still has the wonderful skatey quality of a twin. I'm finally in the market for a old school twin, to make grovelling that much more easier. But this MR twin is fun even in small waves, I managed to get a lot of knee highs on it in Barbados this January!"

Thnaks for the email- still calling for more pics, send to:

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

a different kind of sled... surfcraft inspired

Kevin Brenner sent these photos in of his "winter fish". Kevin is greatly inspired by surfing and the fish shape. He writes that the "The Winterstick, DM (winterstick creator) was a frustrated landlocked surfer from the east coast (White Plains!!) who based his snowboard designs on surfboards from his era around mid-late 70's (the fish)"

"These boards are sandwich construction 100% maple laminated to a sintered ptex base and pressed by hand

powdersurfskates: no bindings, straps, or ropes, just need some powder to float on and turn on, alittle steep helps too. been riding them on a bunch of eastern slopes past two seasons...super fun"

Kevin thanks for the photos!!! if ya got interesting fishy photos please submit to

Monday, April 26, 2010

A Classic Shot...

Mr Nuuhiwa in the midst of it all.. the ultimate transition from old to new...

From The Dubstar Archives- Seashapes Rocket Fish 6'9

These photographs were submitted by John Schultz. This is a 6'9 SeaShapes twin fin rocket fish-ish fish from the 70's. The board came to dubstar via Justin Schwartz (onefin). John says, "This board does not ride anything like my pavels(despite it's similar length), but it has potential...I haven't ridden it much yet, but have gotten some nice waves, seems to work best in Chest to Head, as opposed to Waist." Dubstar further remarked. "that the board has also given me a few beatings! the more vertical "twin fins" definitely make for a different type of ride".

Sea shapes was out of the East Coast,(North Carolina?) The board is signed RP, which is most likely Rich Price, who went on to natural art.

Thanks Dub for the info and photos- send fishy photos etc to

The fish fry is a couple of weeks away and its confirmed that Josh Hall will be in for it as is the Pendarvis family. Stay tuned from more info on the fry(E).

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Gettin' Militant on a Danny Hess...

Martin Brull riding his 5'6 Danny Hess Pacheco in Long Beach, NY. Nice Wave Froth!!!
Photo was submitted by Doug Anderson (AKANORMAN). Great photograph Doug!!!

send fishy pics to

Dubstar laying it down on his Choice Long Fish

These shots of John Schultz and his Pavel Choice Long Fish were recently sent in. John can't speak enough of his Pavel long fishes!!! Nice smooth style coming thru.. photo by: Bob Arkow

I need more fishy pics for the blog send them into please include a description of the board, location etc and why the pic speaks to you!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Well not quite a fish but....

Lets be real it all started with the knee board scene.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

fish quiver

here are (were) three of my fish- 6'2 larry mabile swift movement ytwin keel, 6'$ Chris Christenson quad fish, and a 6'9" Josh Hall long fish simmons quad. I have since sold the swift movement fish to fund the purchase of my John Cherry Simms21 (pics to come).

We need more fish pics- send to

Monday, April 19, 2010

Everything that is New is Old. Thanks RK.

Much thanks to Kenvin for pushing us all forward with his look back!!!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A question...

What would it take to get Skip out here for the ny fish fry(e)?


Steve and Cher Pendarvis just confirmed they will be here for this year's Fish Fry!
So honored to have two such legends in attendance! More on Steve and Cher soon but here's some inspiration to hold you over...

Steve slotted near a "big rock"?

5'2 fish shaped by Tom Threinen and glassed by Cher in 1970
photo courtesy of the Cher Pendarvis photo archive

Kidman's Lis

Photographs by Andrew Kidman. Taken while riding his new Steve Lis Twin Keel Fish in NY. I really appreciate the tonality and subtle colors that are part of Andrew's work- His work always evokes a mood about the surfing experience.

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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Johnny Ha's not Knapping when it comes to his fish

Got this email via Hawaii from NY's Johnny Knapp:

"whats going on? i just wanted to pass this onto you. It is a fish that was shaped last summer by Pete Fallon out of the east moriches area. Pete is a great craftsmen and prefers to shape out of an old shed in his backyard. He doesn't advertise and doesn't have boards in shops. I have been working with him sometime and enjoy his boards a lot. this particular fish is one that i worked very closely on with him. its 5'9 x 20 1/2 x 2 1/14. there are many unique characteristics about this board which give it a special ride. i wanted to make it a blend of a classic design but brought up to date. its construction is out of eps epoxy which makes it very strong and light. to stay proper we kept the classic 10.5 swallow tail. i wanted to go with the keel design and use modern materiasl instead of a wooden version. however, we pushed the fins farther back towards the tail to stiffen up the ride and give it more drive. this allows the board to be surfed more aggressively than most fishes and can hold in larger surf without skipping a beat. the deck is rather flat with full rail and an edge that runs continuous from nose to tail. a feature i like all my boards to have. for the width we bumped up the wide point close to 6 inches up front of center then pulled in the nose at the last inches of the board to get rid of surface area and swing weight. it gives the board tremendous glide and fantastic paddling ability. nothing else more to say than i love this board and have gotten some great rides on it and pushed it in conditions when most would be grabbing their thrusters. keep up the great post and see ya at the beach. " Thanks for the pictures and the description of the board- so cool to hear people working with shapers on how they want to tweek the platform. I'd love to see Pete shape a board in his shed- true backyard shapers amaze me. Check Johnny's blog

Still looking for more fishy photos and unique fish to post up- drop me an email

Monday, April 12, 2010

Skippy life Lessons 1 & 2



Rasta doing his thing on Dick Van Straalen carbon fibre fishes

These images were sent to me by Grant Newby of Australia. Here Rasta is riding Van Straalen Carbon Fibre Fishes. Rasta's fish riding in the Hydrodynamica footage from about five years ago is a must see. Still so fresh. When is that film coming out anyway?

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Skipper setting a line

This image of Skip was forwarded to me from Trent of NY. Trent has one bad ass quiver of fish, complete with a couple of frye's, pavel's, caspers and josh halls. I can't wait to see what he unveils at this years fry(e). Any hints Trent?

I have been getting some fishy photos for the blog but I need shots of people actually surfing fish- send them to

Thursday, April 8, 2010

How does this set up work for you?

Grant Newby from Queensland, Australia sent me these photos from the this years Alley Fish Frye. Beautiful shots in my opinion. Here is a link to the alley fish fry(e) blog:

I got a bunch of emails with fishy pictures yesterday. Keep em' coming, also drop me a line and let me know, "Why the fish platform and its variations appeal to you?"

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Lis Pride

Here is a shot from last year's fish fry- Shipworm with his highly prized 6'0 Steve Lis Twin Keel. I love the hardbody facial expression, reminds me of the militant one!! photo from

Send fish pics to any fish surfing shots would be a nice addition !!!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

single foil and a bit more rake

This image was poached of Nick Cook's blog:

Weekend of May 15-16 2010 9:00 am onward
Lincoln Ave. JettyLong Beach NY
*The 15th or 16th will be chosen a couple of days prior to take advantage of weather and surf conditions.

Monday, April 5, 2010

fish swim in the Netherlands

Arjan Grooters sent me this photo of his fish in the Netherlands- Arjan does all sorts of analog photography documenting the surf scene in his neck of the woods. I am not sure what the details of this fish are or what type of waves grace the Netherlands but from the looks of this photo there is a nice wave breaking in the distance. Interested readers should check Arjan's blog here:

Also still looking for more interesting fishy photographs for the blog- send jpegs and descriptions of the board to

Fish from Local Waters

Jarad sent in this picture of his fish. The board was shaped by Mike Becker here on Long Island. Colored by Petro- crazy long island map pinline.

Calling for more fishy pics(both arty and not)- send to my attention:

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Larry Gephardt's Keels

Keels from a Larry Mabile Swift Movement Keel Fish.
Marine Ply, Hand Foiled... INSANE!!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Skip and one of his creations.

This image was lifted from Josh Hall's Hole in the Hall blog, Sorry Josh. What an insane looking fish