Monday, April 26, 2010

From The Dubstar Archives- Seashapes Rocket Fish 6'9

These photographs were submitted by John Schultz. This is a 6'9 SeaShapes twin fin rocket fish-ish fish from the 70's. The board came to dubstar via Justin Schwartz (onefin). John says, "This board does not ride anything like my pavels(despite it's similar length), but it has potential...I haven't ridden it much yet, but have gotten some nice waves, seems to work best in Chest to Head, as opposed to Waist." Dubstar further remarked. "that the board has also given me a few beatings! the more vertical "twin fins" definitely make for a different type of ride".

Sea shapes was out of the East Coast,(North Carolina?) The board is signed RP, which is most likely Rich Price, who went on to natural art.

Thanks Dub for the info and photos- send fishy photos etc to

The fish fry is a couple of weeks away and its confirmed that Josh Hall will be in for it as is the Pendarvis family. Stay tuned from more info on the fry(E).

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