Wednesday, April 28, 2010

a different kind of sled... surfcraft inspired

Kevin Brenner sent these photos in of his "winter fish". Kevin is greatly inspired by surfing and the fish shape. He writes that the "The Winterstick, DM (winterstick creator) was a frustrated landlocked surfer from the east coast (White Plains!!) who based his snowboard designs on surfboards from his era around mid-late 70's (the fish)"

"These boards are sandwich construction 100% maple laminated to a sintered ptex base and pressed by hand

powdersurfskates: no bindings, straps, or ropes, just need some powder to float on and turn on, alittle steep helps too. been riding them on a bunch of eastern slopes past two seasons...super fun"

Kevin thanks for the photos!!! if ya got interesting fishy photos please submit to

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