Thursday, April 29, 2010

Susannah and the Wounded Gull

Susannah Ray sent the pictures above in of her and her Mark Richards Twinnie. The Wounded Gull was my favorite surfer as a kid.

Susannah writes, "I was checking out the fish frye ny blog and saw your call for pix.
Here is a pic from a few years back from when my MR supertwin (hand shaped by the wounded gull himself, he has astonishingly neat handwriting) was brand new. Note the feminist modification of the logo. This board is pretty chippy but still has the wonderful skatey quality of a twin. I'm finally in the market for a old school twin, to make grovelling that much more easier. But this MR twin is fun even in small waves, I managed to get a lot of knee highs on it in Barbados this January!"

Thnaks for the email- still calling for more pics, send to:

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